Château Maresque


Gaillac AOP wines

Le vin du Coq 


Château Maresque is a 25 acre vineyard more than three centuries old. It lies at the heart of the vineyard Gaillacois, on the right bank of the River Tarn, on the first hills.

In March 1999 the new owner, embarked on the creation of Château Maresque.

Situated in the north of the Tarn departement, the Gaillac Appellation area covers 2.500 hectares spread over 73 communes, for an AOC production of over 165.000 hectolitres.
Today, the appellation gathers around one hundred independent producers and 3 cooperative cellars.
The 3 different terroirs and the age of the vineyard enable Gaillac to offer numerous traditional grape varieties. The diversity of the Gaillac vineyard means that it can produce a great variety of elaborate wines.